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Dear Friends,

Florapathics is the deepest expression of my personal passion for health and wellness through herbal and aromatherapy products. The journey to this point, although at times long and occassionally winding, has been a rewarding and joyful challenge.

As an organic perfumer and accredited Master Herbalist, balancing function with esthetics is a primary focus. For far too long, the markets have been divided between the healthy and the esthetic. Personally, I do not feel that using natural products should offend a sense of refinement by looking like a box of granola. And, at the same time, something that appeals to esthetics should not be just a bunch of unhealthy chemicals.

I intend to blur the lines...we have complacently accepted that traditional perfume alcohol is allowed to have deadly poisons added to make them "denatured." I find this completely unacceptable, and the fact that major cosmetic corporations have done nothing about it is truly disturbing.

Since 1997 when I coined the word "Florapathics" and filed our initial federal trademark, I have embraced a spirit of continual improvement, whether for ingredients and formulation, product packaging, infrastructure, distribution channels, or internet operations. Looking back and remembering how Florapathics was initially housed in my walk-in closet, I can definitely say we have come a long way since the early days, thanks to all of our loyal patrons. We have certainly had a few bumps in the road, but 11 years after our humble beginning, the world is more organically aware and we have a lot to look forward to in the natural products market.

To be a true leader, I believe I have to continually challenge myself to grow, whether by self-actualization through objective introspection or by choosing to embrace new areas of learning that broaden my horizons in productive ways that are reflected in the changes and growth in Florapathics. I challenge myself and our employees to grow in their personal lives as well as the skills they bring to make Florapathics a better company, just the same as I challenge our loyal customers to remain steadfast to Live Natural and Go Pure!

As long as I am at the helm of this company, we will most assuredly charter new waters, but we will always remain on course for our original destination ...creating the highest quality products and growing Florapathics at a naturally healthy, organic pace. I hope you are with us for the journey.

Live Natural. Go Pure!

Michael Thompson, M.H.
Founder & Director
Florapathics, LLC

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